We are STARCULT Jewelry Lab
creating unique jewelry mixtures

Next level fashion jewels

Fashion jewels are not typically associated with high quality, comfort and class.
Our mission is to challenge these stereotypes.

The goal we set ourselves is taking fashion jewels to a new level with the help of fine jewelry production technologies.
These are the main stages of the process: 3D modelling > polymer printing and rubber mould production > wax > metal casting > processing and assembling the details by hand.

We have just set out on this exciting journey which is completely new to the production of fashion jewels.
This is why we call STARCULT a lab - first, each and every decision concerning our own designs and production is indeed an experiment,
and second, we pay a lot of attention to the composition of metal we use, the quality of every piece and the functionality of every detail.

Limited edition

Another crucial component of STARCULT pieces are authentic Swarovski crystals. Most of them (including our bestsellers - hearts of the ocean) are no more produced and are unavailable in all parts of the world. We are currently making use of our own crystal collection that we managed to build up.
Every STARCULT necklace has a unique number engraved on a star pendant as a symbol of limited edition items.
The LIMITED sign on the website shows that we are running out of crystals for this exact model and will not be able to reissue it.
Every item is hand-made of unique materials, and therefore STARCULT cannot be a mass production brand. On the one hand, it is highly unlikely to meet someone wearing the same accessory as you. On the other - some models are almost constantly out of stock. If a piece is out of stock, do not hesitate to contact us via whatsapp/telegram/email - we will happily place you on the waiting list and notify personally once the item arrives.
Fashion vs style
We advocate for jewelry sustainability. STARCULT focuses on style rather than fleeting microtrends. We see a piece of jewelry as an investment that should prove its worth with a long period of use.
Customer care
Thanks to the experience we gained helping women from all over the world - Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, China, Russia and most European states - choose THEIR jewelry, we know for sure how to hit the target.
The creation of every piece starts with a simple question - who is it made for? What qualities must this piece possess to become a statement, an instrument of self-expression for this woman? Having formulated the answers, we know for sure and feel (even through the screen) what would complement YOU and become you favourite item. This is exactly why on a daily basis we receive messages describing the joy and amazement accompanying the sacred moment of unpacking and first time trying on our clients' new STARCULT pieces.
Almost always with our favourite catch-phrase
"In real life it's even better!"
Make a statement
We see jewelry as a fun and effective way of expressing oneself through style. STARCULT jewelry pieces effortlessly put you in the spotlight and help
not to make an impression of a woman confident in her success, but instead be her.
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